Eligibility for Careers & Experiential Programming

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Eligibility for Careers & Experiential Programming

Special Programming

The resources for Careers & Experiential Education programming are sustained by a partnership between the McMaster Social Sciences Society (MSSS) and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Social Sciences students pay an annual student fee and have representation on a council governing the fee through the MSSS. As a result, some programming is exclusively available to Social Sciences students.


Participation in the following offerings is dependent on being or becoming an eligible Social Sciences student: 

  • Enrollment in Social Sciences 2EL0. 
  • Participation in the Social Sciences Internship Program. 
  • Application for Careers & Experiential Education funding (e.g., the Student Experience Fund). 
  • Attending registered Soc Sci Careers & Experiential Education events.


Other programming, such as in-class presentations, digital resources, etc. benefit all students registered in Social Sciences courses.

Who is Automatically Eligible

Students who are automatically eligible for Special Programming include students who are both:

  • Registered in the Faculty of Social Sciences in a degree program.
  • Completing a minimum of 18 units during the current Fall/Winter Term.

Who Can Become Eligible

Other students who may be eligible are required to opt in to pay an administration fee matching the fee paid by Social Sciences students (approx. $50). The following students may opt in to become eligible:

  • Social Sciences students registered in fewer than 18 units in the Fall/Winter Term; or,
  • Arts & Science or Humanities students who are registered in a Combined Honours degree program with a Social Sciences discipline.


If you fall into either of these categories, and would like to opt in for access to Special Programming please contact us.


Please Note: Alternate or additional eligibility requirements may be applied to individual Careers & Experiential Education activities and will be indicated as such on the website.

Limiting Student Access to Participate

Some programming, such as the Internship program or individual awards funding, may require students to be both:

  • In good academic standing with the university (not on academic probation). 
  • In good financial standing with the university (no outstanding financial accounts on the student record).


The Faculty of Social Sciences reserves the right to limit student access to one or more activities for a determinant amount of time for reasons including, but not limited to: 

  • Failure to complete requirements of an existing Careers & Experiential Education activity that is not normally recorded on the student transcript (e.g., Student Experience Grant, etc.). 
  • Any student action where the reputation of the student, the Faculty of Social Sciences and/or McMaster University may be compromised. 
  • Any situation where a student knowingly submits false, misleading or unauthentic/plagiarized information in an application or document. 
  • Submission of an application that is incomplete, inaccurate and/or that is deemed unsuitable by Careers & EE staff.


In the case where a student’s ability to participate in Careers & Experiential Education activities is limited or revoked, the student will be notified in writing as soon as possible.